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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Barcode Tattoo

The Barcode Tattoo
by: Suzanne Weyn
Age: Grade 6-8
Rated: 7/10
This book reminded me of "Feed" (see earlier post) as soon as I picked it up. It is about a girl who is living in 2025. She is interested in the arts and hopes to go to a post secondary school, but her lack of computer marks limit her. She was unaware that her amazing arts skills did not trump her poor computer skills. As the story continues, the barcode tattoo, a label that people are socially forced to get, causes her to become slightly concerned. She is not interested in receive the tattoo, especially after her father committed suicide a few months after he got his own. The main character, Kayla, joins a group of students at her school called "Decode". Their intention is to limit the use of barcode tattoos in society. With this in mind, Kayla because an active member, encouraging friends to not get the tattoo. Over time, Kayla finds out some discouraging and disturbing information about the barcode tattoo. This leads her to revolt and rebel the worlds current society and run away, along with several other problems in her life. Kayla eventually finds a refuge and lives there until the police, who are employed by the creators of the barcode, hunt her down. I will not ruin the novel, I encourage you to go pick it up.

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  1. it was a very good book i liked it but i lost my copy and can't find another one :(